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Synopsis for "Steel City Nightmare!"

Tony Stark and Wonder Man go visit a Pittsburgh plant to evaluate whether Stark wants to acquire it. However, one worker seems determined to eliminate another, and ambushes him, forcing him off a catwalk and into a crucible of molten metal. The resulting accident upsets the crucible, and only the quick actions of Wonder Man prevent any further lives from being lost.

Back at Avengers mansion, a strange visitor tries gaining access by using a... Master Card? Security trusses him up - seems he was trying to get the Avengers to solve a noise complaint! But Gyrich is satisfied with security (finally) and departs.

Having been emancipated from Gyrich's total control, the Avengers try to replenish their roster by inviting Hank Pym and Hawkeye back. But Hawkeye's phone is disconnected, and Dr. Pym is enjoying time for pure research too much. Beast suggests they re-induct Wonder Man. And Wanda takes her leave of the team, at least for a time.

Back in Pittsburgh, the steel mill makes a metal memorial of the fallen employee. But that memorial suddenly bursts open to reveal... Inferno! Wonder Man and Iron Man try to take down the fiery behemoth, but it throws them back, and Wonder Man alerts the Avengers. They receive the signal and then, mysteriously, it stops...


  • Joe Conroy found the Uru fragment after Thor's visit to Pittsburg in Journey Into Mystery #120. Upon his "death" the Uru reanimates and mutates Conroy into Inferno.
  • This issue also contains an advert for Hostess twinkies featuring Mister Fantastic Vs. Goldigger.

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