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Synopsis for "Interlude"

Wonder Man undergoes a retinal eye scan to confirm his identity and is officially reinstated on the Avengers roster. When Wasp asks about his acting career, he confesses that his latest play was a flop. The Beast remarks that Simon likely has a hard time getting jobs with his “distinctive” non-focused eyes. But Wonder Man demonstrates that he can, through intense concentration, temporarily assume a normal-looking eye pattern. He also hints at a new ongoing acting gig, though claims it is a secret that he can’t discuss.

During the conversation, the Vision remains pensive and silent, merely staring out the window at the snowfall.

With Wonder Man’s return, the Falcon decides it is time for him to resign, much to Cap’s surprise. Falcon confesses he has never felt comfortable being an Avenger and would prefer to go back to aiding people with common crime problems. He says his farewells to the team and leaves.

Meanwhile, an anxious man hurries toward Avengers mansion. Beneath his trenchcoat, he is wearing a hospital gown labeled “Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane.”

Ms. Marvel finds Captain America outside in the winter storm, reflecting on Falcon’s departure and the reasons why he (and the rest of the team) chose to remain Avengers. As Cap waxes philosophically, two young kids sneak a peek at them over the wall around the outer grounds. One kid lobs a snowball at Cap, which he easily deflects without pausing in his soliloquy. The boy becomes frightened and runs away. Ms. Marvel is very amused.

Inside the mansion, Iron-Man has removed his armor in his private quarters and walks around as Tony Stark. He walks in on Jocasta and Ms. Marvel having a conversation and begins flirting with Ms. Marvel - who forgets all about Jocasta.

The robotic guest of the Avengers wanders away, baffled by the concept of “small talk”. She finds much about human behavior mystifying and feels incapable of forging close bonds with them.

Jocasta makes her way to the workout area in the lower floors, where she finds the Vision brooding. She attempts to reach out to him, but he is in a rage and demolishes training equipment.

Meanwhile, the mystery man has made his way to the mansion’s front door. The Wasp answers it and he collapses in her arms. She and Jarvis hurry him to the medical lab.

In the rec room, the Beast and Wonder Man are playing ping-pong when Hank takes a break to watch television. Simon becomes distressed when Hank begins watching a goofy kid’s show, the Uncle Elmer Show. Suddenly, it’s revealed that Simon’s “top secret acting gig” is on the show, as a strong man named Mr. Muscles. He gets a pie in the face.

The team convenes in the main meeting room to discuss the man. Terribly frightened, he relates his name is Selbe and begs for their help, convinced that people are trying to kill him. There is a tense argument, as Wasp believes the man but Ms. Marvel dismisses him as a mental case. However, when officials arrive claiming he has escaped from the Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane, the heroes have no choice but to turn him over.

The Avengers convene their weekly meeting when they realize that the Wasp is missing. Realizing that she must have followed Selbe back to the institute, they prepare to follow her.


  • Falcon decides to leave the team while Wonder Man rejoins. Also, Jocasta - who has been mostly a background character - begins taking a more active role in the stories with this issue, even though she never officially becomes an Avenger.
  • Wonder Man can focus his eyes for short durations, making them appear as normal gray eyes.
  • Ms. Marvel is remarkably flirtatious in this issue, hitting on both Cap and Tony Stark. She had previously been remarkably forward to Wonder Man back in Vol 1 172.
  • The Wasp debuts yet another new costume (a particularly impractical one at that.)
  • This is essentially the start of the Beast and Wonder Man's famous "bromance" buddy relationship. It's also the start of a running gag in which Wonder Man "stars" on a kids' TV show as Mr. Muscles.


  • Wonder Man references "Kerr in the Times", meaning the New York Times' long-time theater critic Walter Kerr. It should be considered an apocryphal remark, given the sliding timescale of the Marvel universe. (Kerr died in 1996.)

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