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  • Mr. Karnowski
  • Melissa Zimmerman
  • Candy Brown
  • Chauncey Brown
  • Emma
  • Barney




Synopsis for "Prelude of the War-Devil!"

The Avengers experience an unaccustomed period of relaxation between missions. Jocasta is elated at the promise that she will be nominated for team membership; Iron Man decides to step down as chairman; the Beast .inveigles Wonder Man into a disastrous blind date; and Ms. Marvel visits the Scarlet Witch, who is still on leave. When Ms. Marvel becomes ill and passes out, Wanda takes her to a hospital where they are both stunned to learn that she is three months pregnant. Meanwhile, Dr. Earl Cowan, a scientist working on the restoration of the giant robot, Red Ronin, appropriates the automaton.


  • No names are given for the inkers. Only "Jack's Little Helpers." Actual credits found at link below.


  • Ant-Man Appears next in Micronauts #19
  • This issue has an advertisement for Hostess Fruit Pies featuring The Thing Vs. an animated apartment block.

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