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Synopsis for "Last Stand on Long Island"

Wonder Man arrives in time to help Hawkeye turn Red Ronin away from the Cross Technological compound, but they cannot stop its mindless rampage. They rendezvous with the other Avengers and Nick Fury aboard Behemoth, even as Dr. Cowan regains consciousness to find, to his chagrin, that he is unable to regain control. The Avengers maneuver Red Ronin into deploying its rotary shield, which they capture and Iron Man rewires, enabling them to turn its built-in laser blade against the robot. Red Ronin gets knocked off its feet, then disabled, but its upper torso continues to crawl toward the Long Island Expressway. Fortunately, Jocasta and the Beast, who had earlier entered through Ronin's foot assembly, have made their way to the control room, and the Beast manages to disconnect the power source just in time. Back at the mansion, the team is surprised to find Wanda and an "extremely" pregnant Carol Danvers, accompanied by Dr. Don Blake. Incredibly, Ms. Marvel has undergone an entire pregnancy in two days and is about to give birth.


  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Twinkies featuring Captain Marvel Vs. the Kree.

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