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Quote1.png They're far more dangerous than I thought! Individually, each one is an enemy to be respected -- but, as a team, they're practically unbeatable! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Vengeance Is Ours!"

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Synopsis for "Vengeance Is Ours!"

This story is continued from last issue.

After jumping from the scaffolding last issue, the Avengers have very little time to rescue Captain America. But with quick thinking, they manage it. The Swordsman is outraged and attacks them. During the battle, he mysteriously vanishes.

When he awakens, the Swordsman is in the lair of the Mandarin, who allies himself with the Swordsman and gives him a more powerful sword. He then creates an image of Iron Man which he sends to the Avengers, vouching for the Swordsman's membership. Deceived by the image, the Avengers accept him onto the team.

Once in Avengers Mansion, he plants bombs to destroy them. Later, however, he has a change of heart and tries to remove the bombs but is caught by Captain America, who believes he is attaching them. After a brief battle the Swordsman escapes again. The Swordsman regrets having botched his chance to join such a team of noble heroes.

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Fans everywhere are talking about the unexpected drama, the powerful appeal of this newest Marvel fighting groups! You too will gape in wonder at what befalls the Swordsman!


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