Quote1 I've been used! That isn't my baby! I don't even know who the father is! Quote2
-- Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Appearing in "The Child is Father To...?"

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Synopsis for "The Child is Father To...?"

Ms. Marvel undergoes a nine-month gestation period in the span of a few days, completely unaware as to how she got pregnant. She gives birth to a baby boy, which grows to a full adult in hours and begins to assemble a machine. The Avengers destroy it believing it to be a threat. Marcus explains himself and reveals that he is the son of Immortus and used Ms. Marvel in an attempt to free himself from Limbo. However, with his machine destroyed his gambit has failed and he must return to Limbo. Ms. Marvel, feeling a strong bond between herself and Marcus, joins him in Limbo.


  • This issue generated considerable controversy concerning the circumstances of Ms. Marvel's unwilling pregnancy. Ms. Marvel would be gone from the Marvel Universe for a year, returning in Avengers Annual #10. Due to the Avengers allowing her to be taken by Marcus, she would leave the group and become a regular in Uncanny X-Men.

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