Quote1 I've reason to believe that the man who reconstructed Ultron was...MYSELF! Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "This Evil Undying"

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  • Ultron's robot (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "This Evil Undying"

Comparing notes, the Avengers discover that adamantium resins have been stolen from Tony Stark's plant and by the robot at Henry Pym's lab, leading them to suspect the return of Ultron. Since the Scarlet Witch had been directly responsible for their robot foe's most recent defeat, the team resolves to guard her from possible attack. Iron Man, however, correctly suspects that he himself, under a post-hypnotic command, is responsible for Ultron's reconstruction. When he again falls under the mad mechanoid's control, he disables Jocasta, then subdues and abducts Wanda, bringing her to Ultron's lair. Ultron is surprised, however, first by the appearance of the Wasp, who had been hidden in Wanda's glove, then by Iron Man, who recovers his free will and attacks. The robot menace is about to crush them both, when the other Avengers arrive. Ultron holds his own against the entire team, until the heroes cause his storage vats of liquid adamantium to cascade over him, instantly hardening and rendering him totally immobile.


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