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Synopsis for "Claws Across the Water!"

A plea for help from a woman named Shu Han sends the Avengers racing to the fortified island headquarters of her captor, the Yellow Claw. While the Wasp and the Vision infiltrate the stronghold, the other Avengers contend with the island's defenses, including a bio-mechanical jellyfish, a barrage of sharp flying blades, and rocket-firing robot birds. They finally gain entry to their foe's base to find that the Vision has been captured and will be destroyed if they should persist in their attack. When the Yellow Claw learns that Shu Han, his prospective bride, had summoned the Avengers, he surprisingly releases her from the arrangement made years earlier by her father, and she and the Avengers are allowed to leave. Still having many willing brides to provide him with heirs, the Claw is satisfied that his plans for world domination will reach fruition.


  • Plot by Shooter and Budiansky, script by Michelinie.

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