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Captain America
Thanks, Wanda. If you hadn't cast that protective hex sphere around us just in time...!
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Scarlet Witch
Don't mention it captain. I rather enjoy being alive myself!
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Appearing in "Shadow of the Claw!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Liu (Death) (Main story and flashback)
  • Shu Han (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for "Shadow of the Claw!"

Dr. Liu, the Yellow Claw's assistant, arrives at Avengers Mansion to warn them of his master's plans, but is killed by remote control before he can utter more than a set of coordinates in the Australian desert. The Vision, feigning a need to recuperate from his earlier encounter with the Claw, remains behind as his teammates fly to Australia, then goes alone to the Claw's island base. Having deduced that the villain had altered his circuitry to enable him to monitor the Avengers' actions, the Vision had parted from his teammates, hoping to defeat the evildoer by himself. The Yellow Claw, however, easily recaptures the Vision while unleashing three powerful cyborgs against the Avengers in Australia. He plans to destroy Earth's population by releasing a vapor into the atmosphere, rendering sterile all outside his island's protective dome. His many wives will then provide him with sons who will battle to the death, the winner becoming his successor and ruler of the world, while his store of cryogenically preserved genetic material will create a new population who will become his son's obedient followers. Although the Avengers escape destruction at the hands of the Claw's cyborgs, they are still unable to bring down the spaceship from which he controls his gas-filled missiles. The captive Vision, however, increases his density to the maximum, causing the ship to crash into the ocean. The Vision survives the crash, but the Avengers find no trace of the Yellow Claw.


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