Appearing in "Fire in the Streets!"

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  • Pyron (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Fire in the Streets!"

An industrial saboteur is seemingly killed by his own bomb to ensure his silence, but instead becomes the superhuman Pyron the Thermal Man. The bomb starts a chemical factory fire which even the Human Torch fails to extinguish. When the Avengers attempt to penetrate the blaze, Iron Man is frozen into immobility by his armor's cooling units while the Vision is forced to remain intangible to survive the heat. Their teammates battle Pyron, who plans to cause a huge gas explosion, destroying his former employers and most of New Jersey. Finally, the Wasp manages to hurl a chemical foam capsule into Pyron's face, which negates his powers, defeating him.


  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Twinkies featuring Spider-Man vs. kidnappers.

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