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  • Berserker (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)

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Synopsis for "Beyond a Shadow..."

The Beast is visiting Wonder Man, who is shooting a movie in Italy when a mysterious city materializes in the Mediterranean Sea. Investigating, they discover a man called the Shadow Lord and witness his capture of publicity agent Rachel Palmer. The Shadow Lord reveals to Rachel how his ancient people once abused their powers over the forces of nature in an attempt to stop an immortal human agent of destruction, called the Berserker, unintentionally killing thousands.

They then dispersed from their island sanctuary into the outside world, leaving him to await the Berserker's return. Unaware of this, the Avengers attack the Shadow Lord, who mistakes them for enemies. When the heroes deduce that their adversary's power is imbued in the city itself, they destroy it, and the Shadow Lord perishes. With his last breath, he bequeaths the Avengers the responsibility of stopping the Berserker, unaware that his undying foe has already arisen.

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