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Synopsis for "...By Force of Mind!"

Continued from last issue.

Captain America decrees the Avengers must trim its active membership to just six members. He dismisses the team for the time being but informs them they will hold a meeting later in the day to discuss who will remain.

Jocasta attempts to reach out to connect with Vision, suggesting that they have a natural bond as they are both robotic in nature. The Vision rejects Jocasta’s attempts at bonding and brushes her aside to be with Wanda, leaving Jocasta feeling alone and isolated.

In an attempt to add some levity, Beast snatches Wonder Man’s glasses and runs out of the mansion with them. Simon snags the glasses back and to pay Beast back, hurls him far into the sky. As he begins plummeting towards the ground, Beast actually fears that he may be killed but Simon saves him. Afterward, Wonder Man tells the Beast he intends to step down voluntarily, revealing that despite his powers, he has never truly felt comfortable in the role of a superhero.

Just prior to the meeting, about a dozen or so superheroes from around the New York City area feel a sudden compulsion to abandon what they are doing and drop in on the mansion. This group includes old Avengers such as Yellowjacket, Hawkeye and Black Widow as well as heroes with no previous connection to the team such as Moon Knight, Dazzler, and Tigra.

As the Avengers themselves assemble for the meeting, they are perplexed by the sudden arrival of so many uninvited guests. Even more confusing, the unfamiliar heroes feel compelled to show off their powers, tussling amongst themselves. Yellowjacket exclaims that he knows what’s going on, but before he can explain he is rendered catatonic.

It is then revealed that Moondragon is behind all the madness. She used her telepathic abilities to prevent anyone from realizing she was there and then paralyzed Yellowjacket before he could give her away before she was ready. She declares that only she is wise enough to deem who is worthy of being an Avenger and has summoned “candidates” to be tried out. Of course, the Avengers object to her interference, but she telepathically paralyzes almost everyone.

Moondragon orders Dazzler to give a demonstration of her abilities, and the mutant disco singer obliges. While Moondragon is impressed by her abilities, she realizes Dazzler has a sincere interest in her artistic career and dismisses her. Dazzler is reluctant to leave, only doing so after the Scarlet Witch says it’s OK.

Although physically paralyzed, Iron-Man still can mentally control his armor, and thus rockets himself outside the mansion. Once far enough away from Moondragon, he transmits a specialized radio frequency that interferes with her telepathy. With her control over the assembled heroes waning, she chooses to make a hasty departure.

Once she’s gone, most of the non-members depart. Tigra, however, asks if there might be a place for her in the Avengers. Cap states they have no room for her until Simon reveals he intends to step down from the team to focus on his acting career. Hercules claims to know several movie producers and the two strong men depart together.

The Beast then announces he too is leaving the team and the Vision and Scarlet Witch surprise everyone by announcing that they too want to step down from the team!

Yellowjacket agrees to rejoin the team, thus rounding out Cap’s desired six-member team (himself, Thor, Iron-Man, Yellowjacket & Wasp, and Tigra). In the corner, Jocasta is dismayed that she was overlooked yet again and quietly departs without a word. In an ironic twist, it is only after she's gone that Iron-Man and Cap reveal they intended to offer her official membership as a reservist.

Afterward, the new team discusses the comings and goings that have taken place. Cap is concerned that Moondragon may have telepathically manipulated them into making the decisions they made. But regardless, the Avengers now have a brand new line-up.


  • Jim Shooter takes over as writer for the first time since the Korvac Saga (#s 167 - 177). When he last wrote this series, Shooter had been building up Moondragon as a possible antagonist to the team (she sympathized with Korvac's intentions to reshape the universe the way he saw fit.) Although this issue doesn't directly reference that storyline, Moondragon's heavy-handed arrogant behavior is certainly in line with how Shooter had been developing her in his last go-round as the series writer.
  • Scarlet Witch, Vision, Beast, and Wonder Man all leave the Avengers. The Beast will join the Defenders (and Wonder Man will briefly appear in that series as well) while the Vision and Scarlet Witch will go on to star in their first limited series.
  • Jocasta, who never officially joined the team, departs as well. She will later appear in Marvel Two-in-One #s 91-92, in which she will aid the Thing and Machine Man will in a battle against Ultron. That story will end with Jocasta's destruction.
  • Thor (who returned in the last issue) and Yellowjacket both return to active duty after long absences.
  • Tigra officially becomes an Avenger.
  • It's a little odd that the Beast doesn't share one single line of dialogue with his former X-Men team-mates and good friends, Iceman and Angel. He doesn't even say hello or goodbye to them.
  • Several possible storylines are suggested in this issue that doesn't actually pan out. The Angel mulls over the idea of joining the Avengers, and Hawkeye and the Black Widow (former lovers) each express a secret interest in reconciling.
  • Dazzler is given a particular spotlight during the story because Marvel Comics had plans in the works to launch her in her own series and wanted to introduce her to readers unfamiliar with the character. She had previously been a featured guest star in the X-Men series.
  • Moon Knight will later join the West Coast branch of the Avengers (although in a non-official capacity, similar to Jocasta's status with this team.)

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