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For ten thousand years, Linnea, known as the Elfqueen, has lived in an isolated glade in Virginia with her warrior mate Gorn, their youth preserved by her powers. Now Gorn is determined to explore the outside world, and the two soon create a disturbance in nearby Washington, D.C. Humiliated when Linnea uses her powers to defend him, Gorn loses his temper and strikes her, and she leaves him. Then, in a brawl with a street gang, he is shot and killed by the police. Linnea, finding him dead, flies into a rage and begins laying waste to the city. The Avengers, meanwhile, are troubled by the animosity between the Wasp and Yellowjacket, who has come to resent his wife's wealth and is desperate to prove his worth as a hero, having met only failure in his recent scientific research. When the heroes arrive in battle Linnea, she proves a match for the entire team. Despite a language barrier, Captain America succeeds in calming their opponent, but Yellowjacket, unaware of this, stuns her with his disrupter, then has to be saved from her counterstrike by the Wasp. When the Avengers realize that Gorn's death had caused Linnea's rampage, they allow her to depart peacefully. Yellowjacket, however, remains consumed by his own violent emotions.


  • An alternate version of this story where Yellowjacket died can be found in What If? #35.
  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Fruit Pies featuring Hulk Vs the Phoomie Goonies.

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