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Synopsis for "Court-Martial"

Captain America charges Yellowjacket with reckless behavior in battle, and although he internally rationalizes what he did, Yellowjacket provides no explanation for his actions so the Avengers schedule a formal court-martial hearing.

While Captain America recalls a similar incident he experienced during World War II and Iron Man reflects on Pym's history with the team, the Wasp tries unsuccessfully to cheer up her husband at their home as a despondent Pym retreats to the lab where he comes up with a plan to redeem himself after thinking back to his creation of Ultron.

After three days, Janet decides to investigate and discovers Hank has built an adamantium robot that only he can defeat and sees this as his only opportunity to prevent his expulsion from the Avengers. When Janet tries to talk him out of it, he hits her and forces her to agree not to expose him.

The trial convenes at the Avengers Mansion as Captain America calls for the harshest penalty possible, saying he would expect the same if he had committed the wrongdoing. Yellowjacket's defense degenerates into a rant about Captain America having a vendetta against him. Asking Janet for help, she instead removes her sunglasses to reveal the black eye he gave her.

Pym activates the robot over her objections and it savagely attacks the Avengers but turns on him as well before the Wasp is able to disable it. Disgraced by needing his wife to save him, Yellowjacket departs without saying a word while Iron Man tries to comfort a solemn Wasp.


  • Years after this issue Jim Shooter wrote an article for his blog entitled "Hank Pym Was Not a Wife Beater". Jim claims that he intended Hank's hit against Janet to be accidental, but that the artwork came out much stronger than he wanted, but that it was too late to change it.
  • The cover art is homaged in:
    - Mighty Avengers Vol 1 15 (August 2008)
  • Yellowjacket (Henry Pym) faces a court-martial for his unprovoked attack on the Elfqueen in Avengers Vol 1 212.
  • It is revealed that while fighting in Europe during World War II, Captain America (Steve Rogers) nearly incapacitated a child with his shield. Having just a moment earlier been engaged in fighting with a group of German soldiers, he quickly reacted to a sound from behind by defending himself. Luckily, the boy managed to duck while picking up a shell casing and avoid any injury.
  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Cup Cakes featuring Thing Vs a mugger.


  • This issue is partly well known for the incident where Hank hit Janet.

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