Norrin Radd (Earth-616)
Silver Surfer
It is made of solidified air molecules... Hardened to an unbelievable degree!
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Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 1 14 0001
My uru hammer barely chips the surface!
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Iron Man Vol 4 6 Textless
Iron Man
Magnetic repulsor rays have no effect!
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Captain America Vol 4 27 Textless
Captain America
The edge of my super-hard shield doesn't even dent it!
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Greer Grant (Earth-616) from Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 27 0001
If you guys think I'm going to break my pretty claws trying to scratch my way in... go fish!
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Appearing in "All the Ways of Power!"

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Synopsis for "All the Ways of Power!"

The Silver Surfer chances upon the Molecule Man's discarded wand, but proves invulnerable to its power of possessing the bodies of those who touch it, so the wand instead recreates the body of the Molecule Man. At his request, the Surfer relates his origin, which gives the insane evildoer the idea of emulating Galactus and destroying the entire planet. When the Surfer tries to stop him, the Molecule Man imprisons him easily. Soon the Surfer's board is sighted hovering near the Baxter Building and since the Fantastic Four are away, the Avengers investigate. The board takes them to the Silver Surfer, who joins them in confronting the Molecule Man. The villain has erected a huge dome over the New Jersey countryside containing his newly constructed palatial headquarters. The heroes prove no match for the madman whose power now resides in himself, not in his ornamental wand. With a single gesture, he destroys Thor's hammer, Iron Man's armor, Captain America's shield, and the Silver Surfer's board. He then imprisons all but Tigra in a gigantic crushing machine and activates it.


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