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Synopsis for "...To Avenge the Avengers!"

Unknown to the Molecule Man, the Avengers are saved by the Silver Surfer's cosmic power. While their foe is occupied repulsing an attack on his dome by the Fantastic Four, they gather in the basement of his headquarters to plot strategy. Although Thor and Iron Man are now merely the powerless Don Blake and Tony Stark, they insist on joining the assault. Meanwhile, Tigra, whom the Molecule Man has kept alive as a companion, attempts to murder him in his sleep, but cannot bring herself to do so. She discovers the others are alive, but before they can attack the Molecule Man, he locates them and is about to defeat them when Don Blake gets close enough to punch him in the nose. Unaccustomed to physical pain, he panics and runs, but when the heroes pursue him, he still proves powerful enough to down the Silver Surfer. Captain America, however, manages to deliver a single powerful blow, and the Molecule Man is knocked unconscious. While the others debate the morality of killing the insane menace, he regains his senses and to everyone's amazement, Tigra talks him into surrendering and seeking psychiatric help. He then restores Mjolnir, Cap's shield, and the Surfer's board, although Iron Man's armor proves too complicated for him to replicate. The Silver Surfer departs, as does Tigra, who has decided she is not comfortable dealing with the types of threats the Avengers face and tenders her resignation.


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