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After Iron Man disposes of an ineffectual armored challenger called the Mechano-Marauder outside Avengers Mansion, the Wasp, now officially divorced, returns to the roster with a vengeance by proposing a new election for chairman, nominating herself, and winning. Elsewhere, a penniless Henry Pym meets his old enemy Egghead, who claims to have reformed and pays him half a million dollars to deliver a cybernetic prosthetic arm to his disabled niece, Trish Starr. No sooner does Trish don the device, however, than she falls under Egghead's mental control, and the villain, now able to see and hear through Trish's eyes and ears, forces Yellowjacket to obey him or the arm will self-destruct. Together, Yellowjacket and Trish invade S.A.C. headquarters in Omaha and steal the government's stockpile of priceless adamantium resins. Hank has managed to summon the Avengers secretly, but with Trish's life at stake, he has no choice but to battle them when they arrive. Yellowjacket gives a good account of himself but is finally beaten, whereupon there proves to be no evidence whatsoever of Egghead's involvement. Even Trish cannot recall what really happened, and the hapless ex-Avenger is jailed for robbery.


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