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Synopsis for "Born Again (And Again and Again...)"

A small boy appears at the mansion demanding to see the Avengers. On a whim, the Wasp admits him, but when the heroes refuse to take him seriously, he puts a gun to his head and commits suicide. His body instantly disintegrates, then reforms as if from nothing, and the Avengers realize that he is truly what he claims to be: a man who cannot die. Among his many past identities is that of Captain America's recent antagonist, Morgan MacNeil Hardy. Reborn continuously through the ages, his current incarnation is the first to remember all his previous lives and is slowly being driven insane.

When the Avengers do not agree to help him find the peace of permanent death, "Hardy" steals away and, days later, reappears at Cape Canaveral, where he stows away aboard a NASA solar probe about to be launched. Causing the probe to crash into the sun does not grant him the death he seeks, however, but instead transforms him into a fiery behemoth that returns to Earth and wreaks havoc in midtown Manhattan. The Avengers battle the monster and appear to destroy it, but "Hardy" reforms once again as a small boy, now apparently amnesiac.


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