Quote1 Love me, Son of Odin. Be thou mine! Quote2
-- Moondragon

Appearing in "...By Divine Right!"

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  • Robbers
    • Stu
    • Squid
    • Eliot
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Synopsis for "...By Divine Right!"

The four current Avengers are drawn from their everyday routines and compelled by Moondragon's mental powers to assemble at the landing site of her spaceship. Once aboard the unmanned craft, they are whisked to the planet Ba-Bani, where Moondragon and her father, Drax the Destroyer, have quelled a global war, but now face a potentially devastating attack by the last of the planet's warmongers. Despite severe misgivings about interfering in the politics of another world, the Avengers crush the rebellion, then decide to stay on and tour the planet. Actually, each privately suspects that Moondragon has secretly seized control of the planet. Captain America and the Wasp discover that the "rebels" they had fought were actually peaceful inhabitants mentally compelled to attack the city, while Iron Man forces Drax to realize that his daughter has been controlling his mind. When Thor confronts Moondragon with his suspicions, she admits having forced the current peace, then subtly uses her powers to seduce the Thunder God to her side.


  • This issue has uncredited inkers. The inking credit is given to "Embellishers Assembled".
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Avengers Assemble". Letters are published from: David Reitzers, Doug Chapel. John Anthony Wilcox, Lee Curiel, Rand Lee, Bill Kida, Glen Griffith, Alex Garas, and T.F. Farmer.

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