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Quote1.png All right then -- take off -- all of you! I never could stomach a bunch of quitters! Quote2.png
Captain America

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Synopsis for "The Road Back"

The Avengers try to find out who framed them and disband for the time being. The Scarlet Witch briefly considers becoming a lounge singer (!) but instead she, Quicksilver and Hawkeye are enticed to join the circus, which turns out to be the superpowered criminals the "Circus of Crime" (then called the "Masters of Menace).

The Circus of Crime poses as a normal circus and then call the police, claiming that the three Avengers were trying to rob them. Again they flee.

Meanwhile, Captain America, posing as a publicity man, catches Power Man admitting the frame-up on tape. He and the rest of the Avengers then battle Power Man and the Enchantress and win. They use the proof to get pardoned by the government.

Afterwards, Captain America decides to leave the Avengers.


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