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Synopsis for "A Gathering of Evil!"

While Hawkeye and the She-Hulk continue their friendly feud at the latest Avengers meeting, Egghead launches a scheme involving a regrouping of the Masters of Evil. He frees Tiger Shark from his Atlantean jailers, then sends him to break the Whirlwind, the Scorpion, and Moonstone out of prison. While waiting for his new employer's plans to proceed, Whirlwind decides to "renew acquaintances" with the Wasp, now that her husband is incarcerated. Hawkeye sees the two battling and intervenes, whereupon Whirlwind's new teammates arrive, upbraiding him for attacking the Avengers without permission. Hawkeye alerts the others, and Thor and the She-Hulk join the battle. The Avengers make short work of their foes, who are soon sharing a paddy wagon ride back to jail.


  • Plot by Shooter, script by Grant.

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