Quote1 Hey, when you've seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark" twenty-seven times, jumping from one speeding object to another becomes second nature! Quote2
-- Ant-Man

Appearing in "Of Robin Hoods and Roustabouts"

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Synopsis for "Of Robin Hoods and Roustabouts"

Hawkeye answers a secret message for help from Marcella Carson, now the owner of the carnival where Clint once performed and discovers the enterprise has been taken over by the Taskmaster as a mobile recruiting center for his training academies. The villain fights Hawkeye to a standstill, then forces his surrender by threatening Marcella. Disarmed, the archer is left to his fate in a cage with an angry lion but is saved by the arrival of Ant-Man, who had been attending the carnival in civilian guise with his daughter.

The two then team up to defeat and capture the Taskmaster's men. When their foe launches an explosive-filled dummy from the cannon used in the human cannonball act, however, the heroes are forced to allow him to escape while they prevent its detonation and save the crowd.


  • Inking credited to Brett Breeding & Crew.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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