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Appearing in "The Fall of Avalon"

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Synopsis for "The Fall of Avalon"

Dr. Druid suddenly appears at an Avengers meeting and transports all but Iron Man, whom his magic cannot affect, to 12th century Avalon, where they find their former teammate, the Black Knight. Amergin, the wizard-ruler of Avalon and Dr. Druid's ancestor, explains that the extradimensional isle is the last line of defense between Earth and the realm of the monstrous Fomor, and that their aid is desperately needed. Before the heroes can plot strategy, the Fomor attack, but the Avengers manage to defeat them by switching opponents. In retaliation, one of their foes, Cethlann, summons up her husband, Balor, a rampaging creature whose single eye emits a beam that causes Thor and the She-Hulk to vanish. In the confusion, Bres, the Fomor's precognitive member, invades Amergin's tower and uses the spell that summoned the Avengers to transport himself to the present.

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