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Synopsis for "An Eye for An Eye"

By killing the entranced Dr. Druid, Bres means to trap the Avengers in the past, but his plans are spoiled when Thor and the She-Hulk, banished by Balor, reappear in Avengers Mansion and defeat him. Without their strongest members, the other Avengers are driven back by the giant Balor, who then forms a new alliance with his fellow Fomor, despite their having imprisoned him. Amergin produces the Evil Eye, Avalon's secret weapon, which absorbs Balor's power and turns it against the Fomor, and the conflict resumes. Ultimately, Amergin falls in battle with Elathan but passes the Eye to the Black Knight, who uses it to seal the gateway to Earth, seemingly at the cost of his life. The Avengers rematerialize in the present, where Dr. Druid reveals that the Black Knight has returned to life in the 20th century, his original body restored, and returned to flesh and blood.

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