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Synopsis for "Testing...1...2...3!"

The Avengers test the capabilities of the new heroine calling herself Captain Marvel, then offer her provisional membership. The Wasp continues to put up a brave front, determined to survive the turmoil of her divorce, and to succeed as team chairman, while at Ryker's Island Prison, a troubled Henry Pym recounts his history to a psychiatrist.

The doctor pronounces him mentally fit to stand trial, but still, no one will credit his story of having been framed since Egghead is believed dead. Unknown to all, however, Hank's arch-foe is very much alive and plotting to ruin his day in court.


  • Captain Marvel is given membership in the Avengers.
  • The Wasp institutes an "Avenger-in-training" program. Besides Monica, however, the only other member of the program will be Starfox. Spider-Man and the Beyonder will each be offered Avenger-in-training status, as well, however, the U.S. government will refuse to clear Spidey for training and the Beyonder will decline.
  • There is a single panel appearance of the incarcerated Plantman and Wizard as they are being transferred to other facilities. This cameo sets up their appearances as primary antagonists in Avengers Vol 1 231 and 232 (Plantman) and 235 (Wizard). The two villains apparently conspire together during this flight to escape.

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