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While both the Avengers and the general public anxiously await the outcome of Hank Pym's trial for treason, Egghead again reforms the Masters of Evil and sends them to the courthouse to free Hank. During the resultant battle with the Avengers, the newly recruited Radioactive Man unleashes a gamma-ray burst which changes the She-Hulk back to Jennifer Walters, thus turning the tide in his allies' favor. Despite the heroes' best efforts, their opponents succeed in spiriting Hank away while deliberately leaving behind a brainwashed Shocker to assert that the former Avenger planned his own escape. Believing that his name can now never be cleared, the captive Hank is seemingly coerced into aiding Egghead's latest scheme.


  • The Masters of Evil kidnap Henry Pym while making it look like he organized the escape.
  • Radioactive Man drains the gamma radiation from She-Hulk, forcibly turning her back into Jennifer Walters.
  • Captain America visits Iron-Man and becomes concerned with Tony Stark's behavior. Tony later fails to show up in court. This ties in with developments in Iron-Man's own series at the time, as Tony succumbs to alcoholism and James Rhodes takes over as Iron-Man.
  • This issue contains an advert for Magic Snake featuring Spider-Man Vs. Magna Mind.

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