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Quote1.png Yes. I want you to think about that long and hard, Mister! and think about this... I did a pretty good job of screwing up my life recently. You just about finished the job for me! You used me, Egghead... and you tried to make me a criminal! But you couldn't. You see, I've come to terms with myself in the past month. I know who I am, and who I'm not! I'm not Ant-Man anymore. I'm not Giant-Man... or Goliath... or Yellowjacket! I'm Henry Pym! And it was Henry Pym who beat the Masters of Evil! You, Egghead... you turned to crime because you thought your scientific knowledge made you better than everyone else... put you above the law! But you were wrong. You weren't above the law, and you weren't better! I'm the better scientist... I just proved that! I assembled the pieces of your downfall -- Right under your nose! Quote2.png
Henry Pym

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Synopsis for "Final Curtain!"

Iron Man has unaccountably disappeared, but not before Tony Stark had finished designing a cerebral scanner helmet to determine whether Hank Pym's criminal actions were the result of mind-control. With Hawkeye's help, Jennifer Walters again becomes the She-Hulk, and at Captain Marvel's suggestion, the Avengers use Stark's device on the captive Shocker, thus learning of Egghead's scheme and Hank's true predicament. Meanwhile, while supposedly completing Egghead's work on a machine to extend the human lifespan, Hank has actually created a device that surrounds him with an impenetrable force field and grants him various electro-mechanical powers.

By the time the Avengers arrive at Egghead's suburban base, Hank has single-handedly defeated all of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye steals into the house's secret lab in time to witness Hank's victory over Egghead, and when the defeated villain attempts to shoot Hank from behind, the archer fires a shaft plugging his blaster, which explodes, killing him.


  • Hawkeye berates Jennifer Walters until she gets so angry that she regains her She-Hulk form. She-Hulk's despair at possibly having lost her powers was an important step in her character's evolution in that it was the first time it was shown that she actually prefers to be She-Hulk rather than Jennifer Walters (in stark contrast to her cousin Bruce Banner, who considered being the Hulk a "curse".)
  • Egghead is killed by his gun overloading after Hawkeye jams the barrel with an arrow.
  • Originally, Jim Shooter had intended for the long storyline to end with Hank Pym becoming Yellowjacket once more and earning his spot on the team again. However, the negative reaction to Hank violently slapping Jan (in issue #213) was so severe, it was decided that he should stay in the background for a while before giving him a new heroic identity. (Pym would eventually become Yellowjacket again, but not for more than a decade in real time.)

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