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Synopsis for "And Now...Starfox!"

Captain Marvel has been made a full-fledged Avenger to replace Iron Man, and now Eros, taking the codename Starfox, becomes a provisional member to replace Hawkeye, who has suffered a broken leg in battle. The Wasp then sends the new recruit with Thor and Captain Marvel to aid the Navy in tracking the Plantman's submarine. On arrival, they are attacked by giant animated kelp, then plunge underwater, taking the battle to their adversary. As the three Avengers easily rip through his ship's defenses, the panicking Plantman activates an emergency device supplied by his silent partner, the Wizard. Instantly, he is encapsulated in a metal sphere that shoots high into the stratosphere, and the Avengers must rescue their foe from being stranded in orbit until his oxygen is depleted.

Elsewhere, Captain America and the Wasp locate a drunken Tony Stark at one of his Manhattan apartments and learn that he has succumbed to alcoholism and allowed another man to replace him as Iron Man. Sometime later, the Wasp is helping the She-Hulk hunt for an apartment when they encounter an invisible, impenetrable barrier in midtown Manhattan.


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