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The authorities discover that the Wizard has escaped from prison, leaving one of the Plantman's simuloids in his place, and the Avengers are called in to recapture him. Several of the heroes are currently wrestling with personal problems, as Captain America darkly ponders Tony Stark's alcoholism, the She-Hulk tries unsuccessfully to acclimatize in New York, and the Scarlet Witch worries over the Vision's condition, but the Wasp nonetheless assigns these three to search the Wizard's former home. The Wizard has indeed gone to ground at his futuristic domicile, where he turns its many security devices against the trio. Cap finds himself weightless in an anti-gravity chamber, the She-Hulk is caught in a dimensional matrix, and Wanda is trapped in a pocket of non-causality in which the normal laws of probability are negated. However, when Wanda's hex deflects the Wizard's power back into his master control, he is forced to flee his stronghold, and is quickly taken into custody.

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