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Appearing in "I Want to Be an Avenger!"

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Synopsis for "I Want to Be an Avenger!"

Upon learning that Avengers earn $1,000 a week, Spider-Man pays a visit to their headquarters and tries to sign up, but is sent on his way when a priority alarm sounds. Seeing the team's quinjet rocketing off on a mission, the web-spinner stows away and thus joins Captain America, Starfox, and the She-Hulk as they investigate a disturbance at Project Pegasus. On arrival, the heroes are briefed by the project's new security chief, the Guardsman, who tells them how an attempt to sink a magma tap resulted in an attack by the subterranean Lava Men.

Cap sends for reinforcements, and the Wasp, the Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel swiftly arrive. Fortunately, the Lava Men mistake Captain Marvel for a revered figure of legend, the Lady-of-Light, and she is easily able to arrange a truce. Unfortunately, four of the superhuman criminals imprisoned at the project have taken advantage of the confusion to escape their cells and now plan to seize its nuclear research dome.

Solicit Synopsis

Special Twentieth Anniversary issue, featuring the Avengers' new logo, Spider-Man's tryout for the team, and the return of the Juggernaut.


  • Spider-Man applies for membership in the Avengers due to financial difficulties.
  • Blackout is released from a capsule that had imprisoned him.

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