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Quote1.png Simply put -- I have become as one with ISAAC and our own computer systems! Quote2.png
Vision (Victor Shade)

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Synopsis for "Unlimited Vision!"

Although still immobile, the Vision regains consciousness and the ability to speak. In an effort to further this recovery, Starfox establishes communication between the android and Titan's world-controlling computer, ISAAC. Unexpectedly, this results in the Vision's systems integrating with both ISAAC and the Avengers' own network. This also gives him the ability to project and interact through a wide-reaching holographic simulation.

Seeking refuge in a South Bronx safehouse of her former Masters of Evil ally, Egghead, Moonstone plots to control the unguessed powers of her new partner, the paranoid psychotic Blackout. Utilizing his newly enhanced resources, the Vision shortly deduces their hideout's location. Abruptly manifesting his projection-form into the villains' living room, Vision serves as an advance distraction while his teammates physically raid the domicile. Moonstone attempts to have Blackout destroy the heroes with his mysterious Darkforce powers. Instead, the paranoid villain accidentally imprisons himself and her, drawing them into the Darkforce's home dimension in a fit of desperate irrationality.

Returning to their mansion, the Avengers continue adjusting to the Vision's new powers and uncharacteristically egotistical attitude when an emergency call comes in from Tigra. She is in a San Francisco hospital room, looking over her friend, Jessica Drew. Ominously, the spectral form of Drew's alter ego, Spider-Woman, also visibly hangs above her comatose body...

Solicit Synopsis

The previously unknown, true origin of the villainous Blackout is told at last! Captain Marvel finally displays her full fighting prowess! Plus the menace of Moonstone!


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