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Synopsis for "Late Night of the Super-Stars"

Hawkeye arrives at Avengers Mansion with his new bride, Mockingbird. Even as the couple accustom themselves to the Vision's new hologram form, Wonder Man calls to ask if the team will aid his acting career by appearing with him on the David Letterman Show. With the regular members on a mission, the Vision recruits several former members, and soon Wonder Man, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird are joined by the Black Panther, the Beast, and the Black Widow. Fabian Stankowicz, the Avengers' bumbling antagonist, invades the TV studio in disguise and installs various of his inventions, which attack the heroes on stage, while Stankowicz brazenly takes the guest seat and explains his devices. When Letterman produces a giant doorknob and knocks him momentarily senseless, then deactivates his power source, the Avengers make short work of Fabian's creations. To Wonder Man's dismay, however, the show's telecast is ultimately pre-empted by an emergency news bulletin.

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