Quote1 Let us each meet our fate with valor -- and heaven bless you all! Quote2
-- Princess Ravonna

Appearing in "From The Ashes of Defeat!"

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  • Ravonna's chief-of-staff

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Synopsis for "From The Ashes of Defeat!"

The story is continued from the last issue.

Kang makes his escape as his troops advance on the city. Although all seems hopeless, the Avengers decide to put up a fight against the never-ending army arrayed against them. Quicksilver is put out of action by a stray blast while trying to help a mother and child. The rest of the Avengers battle on but are eventually overwhelmed and captured.

Although Kang's law states that conquered monarchs are to be executed, Kang wants to marry Ravonna. Meanwhile, Quicksilver is nursed back to health by the mother he saved.

The rest of the generals, led by his second-in-command Baltag, rebel against Kang and try to assassinate him. Kang is therefore forced to team up with Captain America, Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch to save Ravonna and liberate her civilization.

Baltag's forces are routed thanks in part to a recovered Quicksilver who rejoins the fray. Kang sends the Avenger back to their time just as Baltag leaps out and fires a shot at Kang. Captain America tries to warn him, but Ravonna leaps in the way and is shot herself. Kang's guards kill Baltag and the Avengers are transported away, leaving Ravonna dying in Kang's arms - unsure whether she will survive or die.


  • All the current Avengers, Kang and Ravonna were all seen last issue in Avengers #23.
  • The Avengers are seen next issue Avengers #25 where they fight Dr. Doom.
  • Kang is next seen in Thor #140, where he sends his Growing Man to attack the thunder god.
  • Ravonna is next seen in Avengers #69, where it will be revealed that Kang "saved" her by keeping her frozen in time, suspended at the very moment before her death. In that story,, Kang is offered cure to her suspended state by the Grandmaster if he wins the Grandmaster's proposed contest.
  • credits:
    • Proudly Presented by Marvel's Prolific Purveyors of Peerless Pageantry--!
    • Stan Lee, Writer
    • Don Heck, Penciller
    • Dick Ayers, Inker
    • Artie Simek, Letterer
    • (Kinda Chokes You Up, Doesn't It?)

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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