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Synopsis for "The Ghost of Jessica Drew!"

Everyone has forgotten Spider-Woman's existence, but when her body is found and placed on life-support in a San Francisco hospital, her close friends remember who she is. When her ghost begins appearing, Tigra summons the Avengers, who in turn call on the expertise of Dr. Strange and Dr. Henry Pym. They discover the absence of Jessica Drew's mind, now on the astral plane with the spirit of her sorcerer mentor, Magnus, who had selfishly brought her there for companionship, although he knew there was a chance her body could be revived. Now, at her request, Magnus attempts to pierce Morgan Le Fey's spell, which prevents her from returning to life. Before her spirit can rejoin her body, however, Morgan strikes Magnus down, and Spider-Woman's astral self is transfixed between dimensions.

Solicit Synopsis

When ex-Avengers Tigra calls Earth's Mightiest Heroes to San Francisco to investigate the disappearance of Spider-Woman, the outcome is hardly what you'd expect!


  • Nocenti credited as "story consultant".

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