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Captain Marvel overtakes the escaping ship, and the Dire Wraith disguised as Dr. Cather is soon being held at gunpoint by the Wasp. The alien refuses to return to Earth, however, and must strive to control the power levels of the unstable drive or the craft will explode into anti-matter fragments which would wreak havoc below. The Vision and Starfox soon join the two female Avengers and take control of the ship, although the Wraith is hurled into space during the struggle.

Back at the space center, Captain America and the Scarlet Witch discover further Wraith infiltrators, members of the aliens' sorcerous sisterhood, who have exterminated their scientific brethren, and who are themselves destroyed in the ensuing battle. To the Vision's dismay, however, responsibility for dealing with further Dire Wraith activities is assigned to S.H.I.E.L.D., rather than the Avengers.


  • After SHIELD is put in charge of anti-Wraith operations, Vision decides that his initial plans to expand the control of the Avengers will need to be altered.

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