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Synopsis for "The Ties That Bind!"

When the Eternals reveal to their guests their origins as a separate species of humanity created millennia ago by the genetic intervention of the space-born Celestials, Starfox realizes that their former ruler, Zuras, and his father, Mentor, born Alars, are brothers and that he and his fellow Titanians are also Eternals. The Avengers locate their missing members, and Captain Marvel joins the Wasp and Starfox in Olympia, where Eros is invited to join in an ancient ritual. To decide the destiny of their race, the gathered Eternals become one, fusing into the Uni-Mind, a collective thinking organism. Then, as the Vision and the Scarlet Witch watch on a tele-monitor, Captain Marvel, and the Wasp are struck down by Maelstrom, who declares himself master of Olympia.


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