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Synopsis for "To Save the Eternals!"

Maelstrom has captured the Uni-Mind in a beam intended to drain its raw mental energy for his own use, ultimately killing the Eternals. Having swiftly arrived by quinjet, the Vision attacks the villain, while the Scarlet Witch first frees, then disrupts the Uni-Mind. His ability to absorb kinetic energy, thus using his opponents' strength against them, enables Maelstrom to stand against the Avengers' combined might, but when the struggle begins to turn against him, he summons his ally, Deathurge, whose ebony spear passes through him, leaving him dead and cold. The immaterial Deathurge then easily escapes. In the wake of battle, most of the Eternals, acting on the Uni-Mind's decision, soon depart for space, while a comparative handful elect to remain on Earth.


  • One of the many deaths of Maelstrom. Within the same issue, he would be revived in a clonal body, but left in stasis.
  • The majority of Earth's Eternals form a Uni-Mind and decide to leave Earth to "find their destiny," taking the block made up of Deviants with them. Through unknown means, Ajak has separated from the Uni-Mind returned to Earth, but none of the other Eternals who are named as leaving (Valkin, Aginar and Zarin) have been mentioned or seen. In Eternals Volume 3 it was revealed that there were 100 Eternals on Earth. Presumably that means 100 remained or had returned between this point and the third Eternals series.

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