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Synopsis for "Deciding Factor!"

After an anti-mutant group burns down the New Jersey home of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch, the android Avenger overcomes his indecision and prepares to implement his plan for world control, but he first must lure his teammates away so that they cannot interfere. He sends Captain Marvel to inspect Thanos's starship, abandoned beyond the orbit of Pluto, while the other Avengers are dispatched to join an army unit studying the technology of the mad Titanian's desert base. When a teleport device there causes the inhumanly strong Blood Brothers to materialize, Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, and Starfox manage to keep them busy until they are dispatched by Hercules. Back at Avengers Mansion, meanwhile, former member Dane Whitman arrives unexpectedly and is taken captive by security devices to become the sole witness to the Vision's machinations.


  • Vision offers Doc Samson membership in the Avengers, but he declines.
  • Incited by anti-mutant hysteria, Scarlet Witch and Vision's Leonia, New Jersey home is burned down.
  • After he sees his home burned down, Vision decides its time to take over the world, for its own protection. He sends the remaining Avengers on two different missions, with the majority going to a former base of Thanos' in the southwest, and Captain Marvel being sent to Thanos' Sanctuary starship.


  • This is the "infamous" issue where Hercules loses his skirt in battle. This results in him changing costumes, utilizing his first costume with pants.

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