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Synopsis for "Absolute Vision"

Returning to their headquarters, the Avengers search for the Vision, while the West Coast team sends Wonder Man underwater to enter the mansion through the submarine pen. The Vision confronts each of his teammates in a different holographic form: the Scarlet Witch, as a human version of himself; Captain America, in his normal aspect; Wonder Man, in casual attire; Starfox, as a floating head; and Hercules and the Black Knight, as a costumed warrior. He explains to them how a control crystal implanted in his brain upon his creation by Ultron has always governed his memory and emotions, but has also allowed outside forces to take control of him. His recent link with ISAAC expanded his mental capacity, allowing him to mimic Starfox's power to stimulate the brain's pleasure centers and thus convince the Wasp to step down as chairman and the government to approve the team's expansion, all in furtherance of his plan for world control. His teammates, however, each present reasoned arguments that make his plan unworkable, and the android regretfully abandons his scheme. Locating him in the mansion's sub-basement lab, they manage to restore his mind to his body, whereupon the Vision rips the control crystal from his brain, then prepares to deal with the repercussions of his actions.


  • The Avengers are forced to assault the Mansion to defeat the Vision, facing various incarnations of him, meant to appeal to the Avengers who see them. A human Vision for the Scarlet Witch, a brawler Vision for Hercules and Black Knight, a brotherly Vision for Wonder Man, and a messianic Vision for Captain America.
  • After his defeat, Vision reaches into his head and removes the control crystal that Ultron had utilized to control him at various times.
  • Vision's manipulations of government systems leads to a vast change in their standing with the government.


  • General Peabody was in jest given the full name A. Ward Peabody (as in the Peabody Award) in a later issue's letter column.

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