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Synopsis for "Pyrrhic Victory!"

Greatly chagrined at the destruction of the Savage Land, the Avengers return home to find that National Security Council agents have invaded their headquarters. According to Raymond Sikorsky, in light of information from the Vision's debriefing, the Avengers' priority clearance has been suspended. Before the heroes can protest, they are called into action against a rampaging Firelord, only to find the former herald of Galactus already defeated by Spider-Man. Fortunately, when Firelord regains his senses, his past ally Hercules is able to restrain him from further destruction. Meanwhile, Nebula plots to use Captain Marvel in her quest to conquer the remains of the Skrull Empire. When she has her reluctant ally scout a Skrull base, however, Captain Marvel manages to beam a message to Earth, but seconds later, the base is seemingly obliterated by Nebula's anti-matter torpedo.


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