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Receiving Captain Marvel's message, the Avengers, accompanied by Firelord, rocket to the Andromeda Galaxy in a Titanian starship piloted by Starfox. Once reunited with her teammates, Captain Marvel presents them to the Skrulls' leader. General Zedrao, who tells them how, after Galactus's destruction of their throneworld, the ruthless Nebula and her mercenaries had taken over world after world of the shattered Skrull Empire. Although Captain Marvel had engineered a ruse making it seem that Nebula had destroyed Zedrao's base, Nebula is still at large and in command of Thanos's immensely powerful ship. Thus, although neither side truly trusts the other, the Avengers and the Skrulls become allies against their mutual foe.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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