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  • Baron Zemo's ship

Synopsis for "The Price of Victory"

The Avengers defeat the remaining Masters of Evil. Zemo loses control of Blackout to Dr. Druid and is forced to face Cap one-on-one. Cap beats him and the Avengers are left to pick up the pieces.


  • The Masters of Evil are finally evicted from Avengers Mansion.
  • Blackout's mind is destroyed resisting Baron Zemo's mental dominance.
  • Captain America discovers that his footlocker, containing all of his most sacred personal possessions, was destroyed by the Masters of Evil. A repentant Baron Zemo would later use the power of the twin Moonstones to travel back in time and reclaim the footlocker before its destruction and return it to Captain America in Thunderbolts #105.
  • The Super-Adaptoid is revealed in Avengers #287 to have been accidentally liberated from a stasis tube inside one of the Mansion's labs during the Masters' occupation, impersonating The Fixer as the MOE is defeated and subsequently incarcerated. In this guise, the Adaptoid is next seen in Avengers #286.
  • Augustus Roman's family died during the battle depicted in this issue.

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