Avengers Vol 1 28

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Hawkeye to Captain America

Appearing in "Among Us Walks a Goliath!"

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Synopsis for "Among Us Walks a Goliath!"

Henry Pym calls the Avengers, telling them that he is Giant-Man and that the Wasp is missing. The Wasp has been captured by the Collector and the Beetle.

The Scarlet Witch presents Hank with a new costume she'd just happened to have been sewing in the hopes that he might return to the team. Along with the new costume, he renames himself Goliath.

The Avengers enter the Collector's lair and get separated and captured but Goliath escapes and frees the other Avengers. They rescue the Wasp and force the Collector to escape with the Beetle using a time machine.

Afterwards however, when Goliath tries to shrink down to his normal size, he collapses and faints at 10 feet tall.


  • Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were all last seen in Avengers #27.
  • Giant-Man was last seen in Avengers #27.
  • The Beetle was last seen in Avengers #27.
  • The Wasp was last seen in Avengers #26.
  • This issue features the first appearance of the Collector.
  • Captain America recounts the Wasp's escape from Attuma. This occurred in Avengers #26.
  • Giant-Man (now Goliath) reveals his secret identity as Henry Pym to the Avengers this issue. He and the Wasp also rejoin the group.
  • Hawkeye recounts his first encounter with the Beetle in this issue. This fight happened at the beginning of Avengers #27.
  • At the end of this issue, Goliath is stuck at a height of 10 feet due to the constant strain of size-changing on his body. He doesn't regain his ability to change size again until Avengers #35.
  • Captain America, Hawkeye, Goliath, Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are all next seen in Avengers #29
  • The Collector is next seen in Avengers #51 where he comes back to collect the Avengers once again.
  • The Beetle is next seen in Daredevil #33 where he attempts to steal a necklace from Expo '67. They never really explain how he managed to get free of the Collector though.
  • Inker Frank Giacoia again is credited under the pseudonym "Frankie Ray" this issue.
  • References: Avengers #26 and Avengers #27


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