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Quote1 I'm cold. So cold. I feel as though a hand of ICE clutches at my heart and freezes my blood! Quote2

Appearing in ""And Flights of Angels...""

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Synopsis for ""And Flights of Angels...""

After Marrina attacks Atlantis, Namor reconsiders his position and with a mental nudge from Dr. Druid, he rejoins the Avengers to stop Marrina. Dr. Pym comes up with a temporary solution, but Marrina returns to the Leviathan form and Namor, with the Black Knight's sword is forced to kill her. Before she dies, Marrina gives birth to three children and Namor leaves the Avengers to seek them out. Meanwhile, the mysterious woman manipulating Dr. Druid turns out to be a member of the Kang Korps.


  • First revealed that the mysterious dream woman contacting Doctor Druid is Kang-Nebula.
  • Marrina is momentarily transformed back to her normal shape after being shot with a Pym Particle-filled dart.
  • In order to end the threat Marrina poses as the Leviathan, Namor seizes Black Knight's Ebony Blade and stabs her in the head, seemingly killing her (it would later be revealed that she was alive and in the custody of the Master of the World in Avengers Volume 3 Vol 1 45). It also activates the blood curse, slowly transforming the Black Knight into a metal statue.
  • Revealed that Marrina had been creating a nest.
  • Marrina's eggs hatch and her children swim away unnoticed.
  • Captain Marvel is left severely drained of her power while trying to stop Marrina.

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