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Appearing in "Disaster!!!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Various demon-infested machines

Other Characters:

  • Gargantuious (wrestler) (Appears on screen)
  • Caitlyn (child)
  • Various unnamed New York City citizens



Synopsis for "Disaster!!!"

With the dissolution of the Avengers, Edwin Jarvis moves back in with his mother who lives in New York City. Jarvis goes out of town to fix his mother's television set, but the TV Repair Shop man tells him that none of his repairmen are available. Jarvis tries travelling home using the subway, but the train breaks down and Jarvis helps the passengers evacuate. One of the passengers, a young woman named Glory Garsen, thanks Jarvis for the assistance.

Jarvis walks around town and saves a mother and her child from some falling bricks with the help Peter Parker. Next, Jarvis encounters a pay phone that tries to strangle a man. Jarvis stops the rogue phone by feeding it some change and makes his own call by threatening the machine. He tells the Captain for help in Manhattan.

Jarvis encounters two cars trying to squash a young lady, who he soon recognizes as Glory Garsen. Jarvis stops this by poking one of the cars in the headlights. Glory admits that she followed Jarvis around town. One of the cars transforms into a robot and starts terrorizing the people and captures Jarvis. However, the Captain arrives and saves the butler. Once the Captain defeats the automobile, the superhero bids goodbye. Jarvis offers to escort Glory back home.


  • The reason for the absurdity in this issue was that it was a minor crossover representing Inferno (Event).

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