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Quote1.png Stand away from the maiden, monster. I've not traveled half a world to stand idly by while you slay her. Quote2.png
-- Gilgamesh

Appearing in "I ♥ NY"

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Synopsis for "I ♥ NY"

Hordes of Demons invade Manhattan Island and the Captain helps the New Mutants fend them off. Meanwhile in Olympia, Thena tells Gilgamesh that New York is in need of a monster slayer. At the Richards' home in Connecticut, Franklin wakes his parents because he is afraid of the "boogey man". His fears come true when the Orphan-Maker kidnaps the child and tries unsuccessfully to kill Reed and Sue.

The Captain wakes up the couple and they find out about Franklin's kidnapping. As they catch up with the kidnappers, Nanny sends two powerful robots after Reed, Sue, and the Captain. After Gilgamesh joins the battle, Sue realizes that Franklin is inside of one of the robots.


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