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Appearing in "Super Nova Unbound!"

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Synopsis for "Super Nova Unbound!"

The Avengers moor their boat at the Hydrobase in New York Harbor and begin setting up their operations there. An emergency flare from Starfox interrupts their work. He warns them of the threat of the Super Nova, who is headed for Earth and has captured Firelord. The Avengers rocket into space and intercept the Xandarian ship. They battle past brain leeches and free Firelord. They meet Super Nova and he's desperate to get his hands on Nebula, who had tricked her way onto the Avengers' roster. Enraged and irrational, Super Nova destroys his own ship with the Avengers aboard and heads for Earth.


  • Plot by Gruenwald, script by Macchio.
  • The Avengers purchase Hydrobase and rename it Avengers Island.
  • Avengers Island is towed into New York harbor in order to put the team closer to New York City.
  • Michael O'Brien is first appointed head of security for Avengers Island.

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