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Appearing in ""Never Bug a Giant!""

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Numerous unnamed Forbidden Land Citizens (Main story and flashback)
  • The Incas (Mentioned)
  • Police from unidentified South American location
  • Sam Hill (Invoked)
  • Dr. Franz Anton

Races and Species:




  • Jet-Stream Cruiser
  • Rocket Plane (First appearance)

Synopsis for ""Never Bug a Giant!""

The story is continued from the last issue.

Captain America, The Wasp and Hawkeye leave for South America to help Goliath. Meanwhile, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch realize how badly they liked being Avengers and hope their powers return soon.

Goliath and Prince Rey escape to Prince Rey's rebel hideout. He explains how the Keeper controls a powerful cobalt flame capable of destroying the world. Goliath realizes Prince Rey only wants the flame for his own desires and leaves him.

Goliath attacks the Keeper and gets captured. The other Avengers attack and also get captured with the exception of the Wasp. Prince Rey's forces attack the Keeper's, while at the same time, the Wasp frees all the Avengers. Hawkeye smothers the flame with explosive arrows, destroying it.

The Avengers free Dr. Anton and leave. Unfortunately, Dr. Anton can do nothing to help Goliath's condition.


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