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Quicksilver, Karnak, Timberius, and Alphan, an alpha primitive servant, are on a reconnaissance mission for Black Bolt. A mysterious ship has crashed near the blue area of the moon. As the party approaches, a group of aliens emerge and quickly prove themselves formidable warriors. When the reconnaissance party fails to return, the Inhuman royal family dispatches Crystal to earth to enlist The Avengers' help. Together, the Avengers and Inhumans disarm the forcefield which has emerged around the crash site. They find the reconnaissance party prisoners of the aliens who identify themselves as The Brethren, and their leader as Thane Ector. The Brethren have killed Alphan and seriously injured both Quicksilver and Timberius, the latter of whom was tortured into revealing to Brethren their proximity to earth. As the Avengers and Inhumans battle the Brethren, Thane Ector reflects on the Earth's reputation as a jewel among the galaxy. He suddenly whisks his forces to the planet's surface. The Avengers are approached by the Watcher, who warns them of the Brethren's past as a galactic threat. The Watcher joins the Avengers and Inhumans as they explore the ruins of the decimated ship. They heroes gradually recognize the vessel to be that of the Collector, whom the find is now an unconscious prisoner aboard his own ship.


A text page in this issue from Watcher describes the Brethren's history and customs.

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