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The East coast Avengers rescue the crew of Starcore from a solar flare and run into a hostile Shi'ar fleet. They return to the Avengers' meeting where they are brought up to speed on the situation: an intergalactic war is erupting between the Kree and Shi'ar. Cap splits the Avengers into three groups: one group will try to reason with the Kree empire, one will try to reason with the Shi'ar and the third will stay behind as a rearguard to protect the Earth.


  • Part 5 of Operation Galactic Storm.
  • Continued in Iron Man #278.
  • The Avengers are divided into three teams. One headed to the Kree Empire, one to the Shi'ar Empire, and one to stay and protect Earth.
  • For some reason, deputy leader Black Widow is not assigned to any of the three rosters, and disappears for the remainder of this crossover without explanation.
  • Hawkeye resumes using the Goliath identity in order to go with one of the off-world teams.

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